Description of the boat

It is a fully equipped expedition diving boat with six nice cabins each for two people. It offers excellent cuisine, twenty Five diving cylinders (20 x 12l + 5 x 15 l), two compressors and experienced diving guides and SSI instructor. The boat is perfectly adapted even for more demanding activities. It is fully self-sufficient and capable of voyage in local areas. It is equipped with two small boats with hanging engines. The first boat (3,5 meters long) is used for transportation of passengers for short distances to harbours and beaches. The second one (7 meters long) is used for diving and riding on water skies and wakeboard. There are also two kayaks available on the SeaLady.

For lovers of underwater filming and photographing, there is a possibility to borrow a Sony camcorder and Canon camera in waterproof cases. The boat is equipped with sonar, GPS, radio, radar with the range of 40 km for nocturnal transfers, 1m3 of oxygen with a mask, medicine chest, rescue boats and vests and signal rockets.

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