Conditions and demandingness

Most demanding known diving terrains on the expedition routes of the Sea Lady are the Blue Corner in Nusa Penida, Pillastearn, the Nisaleme Island and the Langkoi Rock at the Komodo Islands and the Kals Dream in Alor.

The named localities require a real diving experience, sufficient practice with demanding diving, AOWD and at last 100 dives. It is obligatory to have a signal buoy on such dives and of course to have knowledge and good practice in working with it. Furthermore, it is absolutely necessary to follow advice of the guide and be disciplined. Prior to diving on these places, you will undergo a special training and you will have to sign a document, where you confirm that you understood all the instructions from the guide and you are well aware of all risks.

It is an essential duty for participants to have diving and travel insurance!

Most other localities belong to easy and of course also beautiful terrains. It is not necessary to be afraid. However, it is good to bear in mind that the sea and its inhabitants deserve our full respect. We fit our programs not only for experienced divers, but also for advanced beginners, who fell for the underwater world and long for something new and unusual.

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