Ambon – Banda – Manuk – Ambon

26.10. - 5.11.2018
10 nights - 10 available places
$ 2 950
Diving around Banda Islands with excellent visibility, fantastic coral coverage and tremendous numbers of fish along with potential Hammerhead sightings.
Banda Islands are also know in the old days as the Spice Islands. Many of the dive sites around the Bandas are wall dives. Walls covered in massive gorgonians, soft corals, barrel sponges and some very interesting swim throughs. But there are other attractive dive sites such as pinnacles with enormous groups of schooling pyramid butterflyfish, triggerfish and pelagic fishes such as tunas passing through, spectacular hard coral reefs next to the volcano with lots of mandarinfish.
The Banda Islands are much more than diving. It is also a cultural and historical experience. We can visit the village of Banda Naira to see the Old Dutch fort, the old colonial governor’s house, the local fish market, or nutmeg plantation.
Manuk, an extinct volcano about 65 nm south of the Banda Islands, is one of 2 places in Indonesia where there are huge aggregations of sea snakes, Chinese sea snakes and banded sea kraits. It is an incredible experience to dive surrounded on all sides by sea snakes. The island is surrounded by black sandy slopes with hard coral reefs, volcanic ridges covered in gorgonians with regiments of pelagic fishes such as Spanish mackerels and dogtooth tunas passing through.

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