Ambon – Lucifer – Gunung Api – Wetar – Maumere

25.5. - 5.6.2019
Ambon - Lucifer - Gunung Api - Wetar - Maumere
10 available places
$ 2 950

Diving around Banda Islands with excellent visibility, fantastic coral coverage and tremendous numbers of fish along with potential Hammerhead sightings.
Banda Islands are also know in the old days as the Spice Islands. Many of the dive sites around the Bandas are wall dives. Walls covered in massive gorgonians, soft corals, barrel sponges and some very interesting swimthroughs. But there are other attractive dive sites such as pinnacles with enormous groups of schooling pyramid butterflyfish, triggerfish and pelagic fishes such as tunas passing through, spectacular hard coral reefs with lots of mandarinfish.
Let discover these remote and almost untouched locations with wonderful reefs and stunning drop offs. Marine life here is in abundance from macro critters, sea snakes and schooling fish to the ‘big fish’ favorites such as manta rays, reef sharks and even the chance to encounter Scalloped Hammerheads. Finishing with muck diving near Maumere.

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