Sea Lady is the first Czech expedition diving boat operating in Indonesia in the Nusa Tenggara archipelago. This area is situated east of Bali. The most west situated part of Nusa Tenggara is the island of Lombok, the most east situated one is Alor.

Among the named areas, there are islands Sumbawa, Komodo Islands, Flores, Solor, Adonara, Lembata and Pantar. It is an extraordinarily interesting area, which will satisfy the highest diving requirements and hides localities of world quality.

In 2008, the expedition diving boat SEA LADY will specialize on the area of Komodo Islands, where we have prepared a very interesting program for you not only under the waters of the Indopacific, but also a relax on beautiful beaches, discovering deserted islands, trips to waterfalls and visiting local native fishing communities. There are water skies or wakeboards ready for sport funs.

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Jižní Rinca


Jižní Komodo

Střední Komodo

Severní Komodo

Západní Komodo


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