Waves are breaking on the bow of the boat, which is showing its stern to the Komodo NP and going through the Sapé channel towards the Banta island. An edge with numerous bays is showing afar. There are a few truly beautiful beaches and corral gardens in the shallow water here that take breath to many lovers of snorkelling. This place, which used to be a locality well-known for sharks, is awaiting the Sea Lady. An early morning dive in the open sea on the GPS Point locality had a kind welcome for us, without a strong current. A vast top of the underwater mountain on this locality starts in ten meters depth and it is falling down to the deep. Our wish has not been heard out yet here, so waiting for sharks must be postponed to the next time. Banta offers two more localities: Toro Oi and Tanjung Rusa, which we have not visited yet.

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