Labuan Bajo and surroundings

When you land, after an hour and half of a flight in a helicopter, in a harbour town Labuan Bajo, nothing indicates that you are standing at the doorstep of the “Jurassic world”, where you can meet the largest carnivorous land-living reptiles in the world.

The harbour and the town are unsightly and unattractive places. However, there are a few interesting native little villages here, which have not seen tourism yet. The best is to quickly embark a ship and go to the sea. Bidadari, Seraya Besar and Seraya Kecil, Sabolo and Kanawa are the nearest islands. All those small islands are out of the national park and except white little beaches they have little to offer. On Seray Besar and Seray Kecil, it could be interesting to see villages of the local people Bajo, who used to be a sea nomads. At present, they live in stable villages on the islands and along the coast. You can find a simple accommodation in mat cottages near a very nice beach with heavily damaged coral reef.

So long, all the named has little in common with the Komodo Islands. As there are quite unattractive diving localities at Bidadari and Sabolo islands, really not worth seeing, let us go more close to the national park. The first interesting stop is awaiting us behind the island Kanawa at the Sebayur island: Beautiful bays with white sand and breathtaking channel suitable for fishing. There is mangrove growth along the coast, hiding abundant life in its roots. Sunny shallows are covered by corals and sea grass. We are still not in the Komodo National Park, but we have got far enough from the civilization. Here you will do your check dive.

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