When you conquer the highest hill during the longest route on the Rinca island, you will be rewarded by an amazing view to the south-east coast of the island. You will be dazzled by a few beautiful islands with white beaches, where turtles lay their eggs. These islands lie in a channel between Rinca and Flores.

Behind those little islands, there is a large island Motang, which is also a part of the Komodo National Park. You will not find this place on the list of routes of safari boats and it does not belong among common diving localities. The reason is in a long distance and needless consumption of fuel. After all, people should be content with the charm of the middle Komodo and with a short walk on the Rinca or Komodo islands. Our opinion is, however, different and for 2009 we decided to enlist the island Motang to our discovery voyages of the Komodo archipelago. Guides tell us, that there is the biggest chance in all the area to see whales there. Moreover, Komodo Dragons, which live here, are not used to tourists. The underwater world here is another chapter. The island Motang is a challenge for the expedition boat Sea Lady.

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