It is a beautiful and wild island, whose steep hills dominate the land between Rinca and Komodo. Around Padar, you will find a few very interesting localities such as the Three Sesters, the Pillasteern and the Payung Islang. The first named locality, the Three Sesters, is a trio of underwater rocks, which start in a five meters depth. This place is rich in life, but there is a worse visibility here, which is a common problem of the whole southern part of the Komodo NP.

This situation is, however, much better from December to March. Another interesting destination is the second named Pillasteern. It is a distinct rock shaped like a phallus. At the times, when the sea is rough, this place can be very dramatic and it may be quite dangerous due to strong pulsing, which is able to shoot you from twenty meters depth to the surface. That is why it is important to view the place thoroughly and dive here only under reasonable conditions. You will find beautiful walls, canyons and gullies under the water here. Sometimes the place gets visited by Spotted eagle rays and Reef sharks, but due to worse visibility, you will only get a glance of them. The rain season is here distinctly better for overall conditions. The third of the localities is described like an amazing labyrinth of underwater canyons, tunnels and rocks, which remind diving on a shipwreck. The visibility here is quite poor, approximately 5 – 10 m. We have little experience with this place at present, but we are planning to do some more exploration of this rock.

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