The Middle Komodo

Let us leave the southern rocks of the Komodo NP and go to its middle part, which is most used for commercial purposes by safari diving boats. There are calm conditions most of the year here, which do not let through neither strong winds from the south (from June to October) nor from the north (from December to March). A large number of picturesque bays and little islands are suitable for calm and not demanding holiday, when you need to blow off some steam and not to get very tired. Thanks to this, you will see other ships here and meet divers, who usually do not exceed the depth of twenty meters. 

Let us start our wandering through the Middle Komodo in the Komodo bay itself, where there is a second station of national park keepers, as well as in Rinca. This place is quite soaked with commercial and is not promising any great experience. Despite this fact, it is possible to do a few treks here. The most interesting and again the longest one promises that you will  not meet many tourists, probably none. Apart from a chance to see Komodo dragons, deer and pigs, there is a possibility to watch birds, first of all beautiful cockatoo birds. More interesting is to relax and snorkel on the Red beach, which earned its name according to the pinkish colour of its sand. Local coral gardens offer parrot fish, jacks, sohals and many other species of fish. A better choice for the Red beach is a dive, which is calm and really easy during the flood-tide. A rock, situated among sandy hills, is coming from about thirty meters depth and its peak is in three meters depth. This place is, in suitable time, a real magnet for amazing number of fish and it is possible to experience some really interesting and easy diving here. We also recommend night diving on this place. However, there must not be a strong current! The komodo bay offers some more interesting places, such as a native village of the Bajo tribe and above all another numerous colony of flying foxes in the mangrove.

More northward from this place, three rocks protrude from the sea and represent a diving locality called the Batu Tiga. This place is interesting because of the chance to see large pelagic fish and with a bit of luck reef sharks. The character of the terrain is very dramatic and wrinkled with many overhanging parts, which serve as hides for fish during strong currents. If we go further to the channel, we will see a small rock with a hole. It is the far-famed and beautiful Batubolong. This locality is a real gem of the underwater world in its complexity as for the sea life: Reef sharks, Napoleon fish, Giant kingfish, Cobias, barracudas, groupers, Morrey eels and Green sea turtles. There is a beautiful corral reef here, but it is showing a significant damage on its highest parts.

Let us leave the still charming Batubolong and let us move a bit further to the next rock Tatawa Kecil. On the north-west part of this island, you will find a beautiful place plentiful in shoal fish. Divers often watch Reef sharks, groupers and turtles here. During the rain season, mantas may wander to this place as well. It is important to consider the actual conditions here and not to dive if the current is too strong.

A little bit to the north, there is a charming island Tatawa Besar with a very preserved and vast corral garden and slope, which is studded by sponges in greater depths. This place offers meeting turtles and large Pharaon cuttlefish. Mantas are common visitors here during the rain season. If there is a strong current, you can do a nice drift dive here. Between dives, it is possible to visit an exclusive white beach or to explore the mangrove growth in a charming bay. However, it must be the flood-tide! Before we go to the next locality of the middle part of the Komodo NP, we will take a breather on a lovely island with breathtaking beaches, which you will have just for yourselves. Corral gardens on white sand of shallows, mangrove, grassy hills and White-bellied Sea-eagles flying above your head. All this is intensified by serenity, which is from time to time broken by gentle splashing of little waves on the corral sand.

Let us go back to diving and go on to a vast shallow area near Komodo. This place is quite special for its terrain character with a continuous corral crash with single corral islands. A monotonous flat bottom changes to a moderate slope. The whole dive in the Karang Makasaru ranges in depths around five to twenty meters and you will have a chance to see swimming mantas or mantas being cleaned in cleaning stations. During certain days and with some luck, it is possible to see a whole procession of mantas near the surface. Further you can see here Spotted eagle rays, Marbled rays and Pointed-nose stingrays. It is normal to watch Reef sharks and Green turtles here. There is a beautiful corral garden with a large number of smaller species of corral fish on the most southern part of this locality in the proximity of a small island. You can often happen to see about thirty Green humphead parrotfish here, merrily feeding on corrals and excreting white corral sand. This locality has a gem, whose finding means a real chunk of luck: A few shy dugongs, which live in the shallows!

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