The North Komodo

Localities of the Northern Komodo are, similarly like in the Middle Komodo, visited by safari boats. There is a really charming anchorage in a beautiful bay at the Gili Lawa island with mangrove growth all around its periphery. A vast shallow here is the ideal place for snorkelling and also for a ride on a kayak. The island Lawa itself, or rather its southern part, offers a route for an interesting and easy trek to a top with an incredible view to the whole Northern Komodo.

Sunsets and sunrises are really magical here. A narrow channel between islands is a fantastic place for sea fishing. A few kilometres to the north, a small piece of rock called the Crystal Rock protrudes from the sea. This place is a very popular diving locality, which offers beautiful dives with a chance to see Reef sharks, turtles, Napoleon fish, jacks, morrey eels and sometimes Spotted eagle rays. The western part of the rock is a great locality, but the eastern part has a quite damaged and broken corral reef in shallow water.

A few meters to the north, there is a gem of the North Komodo, the Castle Rock locality. Its top ends about five to seven meters below the surface, according to the state of the tide. It is a locality, where you will see the most fish in all Komodo Islands. It also has beautiful corral growth. You can see here Reef sharks, shoals of Giant kingfish, Hawksbill sea turtles, jacks, tuna fish, Napolen fish and with a bit of luck dolphins. If there is a strong current, it is important to go down quickly and dive in the shade of the underwater mountain. A bay at the Gili Lawa island is suitable for night diving, day diving is not very interesting here.

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