The South Komodo

A wild rocky coast shaped by million years of surf and devastating sea storms. The black rocks are whipped by waves, which shatter on them with geysers of white foam contrasting with the dark land. You will find a few very nice localities in this part of Komodo, leading with the Manta Alley, which offers diving with large manta rays.

A pair of rocks, which are whipped by large waves, is a magnet for these amazing sea flyers. Diving with these creatures is the dream of millions of divers in the world. There is a better visibility here during the rain season, as well as in the whole southern part of the Komodo NP. The most interesting diving with mantas is from October to December. These animals stay here all year long and thanks to the remoteness of the place, it is visited only by few boats. Another great locality is Tanjung Loh Sera, which should be a favourite place for pelagic fish, mantas, parrotfish, tuna fish and jacks, Napoleon fish with groupers and large numbers of shoal fish. The Langkoi Rock represents probably the largest challenge of the South Komodo.

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