The West Komodo

If we leave the north and go to the west, we will come across to the Lohwenci bay, which is the entry gate to the northern coast of Komodo. It is not a very impressive place under water, but it can be used as a reserve diving place or for night diving. There is a sandy slope with corral growth and a large number of corral fish. Common visitors are turtles, jacks and Bluespotted ribbontail rays. You can have a very easy dive here. The neighbouring bay invites for a trip to its monsoon forest in a valley.

Cockatoos fly in palm trees, kingfishers visit beaches and herons tread kingly in shallow water. Thick bush serves as a hiding place for wild pigs, the Timur deer and owls. The dry bed of the stream reveals tramples of monitors, which were searching for food. If you come here early in the morning, you will get a chance to have a lonely date in the wild with these reptiles. However, it is necessary to keep a distance and respect these wild and dangerous predators, which have not met the man yet.

Let us return to our expedition boat, which will go on in its discovery voyage along the western coast of Komodo. The scenes you will get during the voyage through this area will be absolutely impressive. The dramatic and impenetrable coast with lonely rocks, which protrude from the wild sea like a trident of the Neptune. What an amazing sight! This part of the coast has been scarcely explored and it is not visited by commercial safari boats. The wild sea, dramatic conditions and unknown sea terrains are an unnecessary risk for them. We go to such places to verify, whether there are better terrains for meeting large fish and sharks. One of such places is the Letuhoh bay, which hides an absolutely amazing underwater rock city.

Instead of skyscrapers, there are huge rock towers here. The place is the kingdom of Reef sharks, jacks, tuna fish, parrot fish and large number of shoal fish, for example sohals and snappers. The tops of the underwater mountains, which end around ten to fifteen meters below the surface, are sometimes flown over by Spotted eagle rays. It is said that other species of sharks appear here as well, but we have not met them yet. Perhaps the next time! With you! The extremeness of this locality looks really crazy from the boat, but under the surface and providing you go down in the correct way, you will experience some amazing diving. There are much more such rocks like the Letuhoh Reef in the western part of Komodo. They are still waiting for brave divers with an adventurous heart, who will map them out and describe their true appearance.

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