Tips for the journey


An entry visa can be easily arranged at the international airport in Denpasar in Bali and it will cost you 25 USD. Your visa will be valid for one month, but this need not be true for all the member states of the EU. We recommend you to verify your visa duty on you embassy. If you are going to stay in Indonesia longer than one month, you must settle all at the Indonesian Embassy in your country or you must leave Indonesia after one month, get a stamp to your passport in some neighbouring country and then come back to Indonesia.

Vaccination and health

Vaccination is only recommended, not mandatory, for staying in Indonesia. It is recommended to get vaccination against the typhoid fever and jaundice. Ask you doctor. You need not be afraid of malaria on the board of the ship. There are no mosquitoes there. It is recommended to use preventive medication against malaria (if possible not Lariam), if you are in a rainforest (Sumatra). We recommend you to use a repellent. Take with you some basic drugs and antibiotics. If you use any drug regularly, inform the guide in advance.


The Indonesian currency is the rupee. The best changeable currency for you will be EUR and USD. There is a problem with exchanging dollars from 1996! You don’t have to carry small change with you, it is not a problem to exchange notes. It is possible to draw money from the cash dispenser in Bali. It is not possible to do so in Alor or Komodo.

Weather and water

The rain season is in Indonesia from November to the end of March. There are also changes in sea currents during this time. During the rain season, it is raining more often mostly in the afternoon and in the evening. The visibility under water in Nusa Penida and the Komodo Islands is not much worse, as there are no rivers here, which would scour mud and deposits to the sea. The drought starts in April and finishes towards the end of October. It sometimes also rains in April and May. Short rains can occasionally occur in June. Then the drought culminates, the landscape gets yellowish-brownish colours and only bushes and coco palms remain green. This time brings mixing of deep and shallow waters around the Nusa Penida and there comes the period of cold water and the time for watching the Ocean Sunfish. The water can have, in extreme cases, only 15°C, but it will mostly range around 20 – 25 ° C. This time of the year offers the best visibility, which can reach 40 meters in ideal conditions. For this cold water period, we recommend a 5 mm neoprene with a hood. There is a very pleasant climate for sleeping during this period.

Health care and insurance

The health care in Indonesia is basically sufficient and local health facilities and staff are able to treat you and solve small problems calling for a medical intervention. The nearest pressure chamber is in Denpasar in Bali in the state hospital Sanglah and another one is in Kupang in the Western Timor (for the Alor area). Oxygen with an oxygen mask is available on the SEA LADY, as well as the first-aid kit.

Every visitor undertaking the SEA LADY program is obliged to be insured for travelling and divers must also have a diving insurance!

Telephone signal and internet

You will get a telephone signal on the Komodo Islands only during the first and the last day of the voyage. Internet access can be found for this area only in Bali.

Nocturnal life

The Komodo and Alor Islands are of course free of nocturnal social activities and buzz of cities. Wild drinking parties and nocturnal life in a form of discos and night clubs can be found only in Bali.

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